Professional Photography – Crucial for Selling your Home?

YES. There are no shortcuts to selling a home. Just like you wouldn’t leave your dirty underwear on the bathroom floor during a showing to a potential buyer, you wouldn’t let your agent take photos of your beautiful home with their iPhone 4 with a smudged camera lens…Or at least you shouldn’t!

The real estate industry has changed dramatically with the advent and takeover of Real estate agents are not the gate keepers of home information and photos anymore. Now, home buyers are very informed and can see home data and photos almost as soon as Realtors input the homes into the MLS. And, what’s the first thing that home buyers see? The first impression they get of your home? The photos that are put online. That’s why your photos have to be clean, crisp, well lit, professional quality, and not full of dirty dish piles and unclean showers!

I get professional photos taken for every listing that I have, because it helps YOU sell your home and shows that you care about the little things. A savvy buyer will assume that if you care about the small things like getting professional photos taken, you probably have taken care of the other little things, and big things – like properly maintaining a home! I view it as my responsibility to put your home in the best light possible, so that’s why I pay for professional photography for ALL my sellers. Also, I often will pay for home cleaning as well. These are things that a full service Realtor should do for their clients, but discount brokers may not do. That’s what a commission pays for – the quality of service that you desire.

When you do get photos taken of your home, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Clean the house and stage it, so it photographs well!
  2. Try to shoot photos on a cloudy day to minimize shadows.
  3. Clear away anything that minimizes curb appeal outside. This means: Mow the lawn, pick up garbage, sticks, etc, and remove unsightly machinery or tools.
  4. Ensure the home is well lit! Turn on lights, open blinds, and bring in some natural light.
  5. Avoid weird angles. Everyone’s seen those bad real estate photos – if it feels awkward, it is.
  6. Remember that quality photos are the goal, but they should still be an accurate representation of the homes actual quality. You don’t want your home to be misrepresented by the photos, positively or negatively.

Good luck with your photos and with selling your home. Professional, outstanding photos are a MUST in today’s real estate market. Thank you again for reading and please contact me if you are looking to sell a home in the Chippewa Valley. Let’s show your home in the best light!

-Tim Nelson, REMAX Affiliates, 715-529-0239

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