The Value of Buyer and Seller Consultations!

Good evening to all! I’ve been doing a fair number of consultations with clients and potential clients in the past week, and I think these informational “sit-down” sessions are so valuable for anyone looking to buy or sell. The simple matter is that anyone looking to make a large transaction like a real estate transaction always likes to get some expert advice. There is a lot of information online, but nothing can substitute sitting down with a local professional who is ingrained in the current market. The best of all – these consultations are free! My goal with each consultation is to inform and educate my clients and potential clients, and set expectations for the buying and selling process. A comfortable buyer and seller is a happy buyer and seller, and that ultimately is what I am always trying to provide: a positive experience! In this post, I’m going to break down what a Buyer and Seller Consultation is, what they entail, and how they can help YOU!

Buyer Consultation:

I typically hold buyer consultations at my office, but I’m always open to travel. These are fun because you as the buyer get to come in and tell me everything you are looking for in a house and why you are excited to buy! I start each consultation by asking about you and what’s happening in your life. Everyone has a great story to tell and that usually drives “the why” in why you are buying a house! Then, I ask what you are looking for in a home. This ranges from where you’d like to buy, what type of home, number of beds, baths, and garage space, size of lot, price range, and any other specifics! I always like folks to break it into three categories: What they Need, Want, and Absolutely Don’t Want! After we get that chat about the home buying process. In this portion, I describe the current market situation based on the type of home you’re looking to buy, and set expectations for the entire process from getting prepared to buy, house hunting, putting in an offer, and what happens after you are under contract! We discuss getting approved by a reputable lender, what to look for on home showings, writing a competitive offer, paying earnest money, getting a home inspection and navigating the defects that inevitably arise, and getting your appraisal. After that, we discuss getting preparing for close, the final walk through, and then getting through closing! Once I get talking, I have a habit of just keeping on going, so I always say to interrupt me with questions at any point! That way you get the answers you need and I get to take a breath 🙂 The goal is to make you confident in the process and build trust. Just because you sit down with a Realtor doesn’t mean you have to work with them, so it’s a great opportunity to see if you communicate well and feel comfortable with each other! Lastly, I always walk through an Offer to Purchase, so the first time you are seeing it is not when you actually fill one out on a house you want to buy! At the RE/MAX office we also have TVs where I will frequently pull up the current listings to show you what is on the market that meets your criteria. When it’s all said and done, I send you home with a folder of helpful information on the entire process. My past clients have consistently said that this process brings a huge amount of value… for free!

Seller Consultation:

This I typically like to have at your home or property that you wish to sell, but this can be done at my office as well. Again, the first and most important part of this consultation is getting to know each other. I ask about what you have going on in your life and (VERY IMPORTANT) I ask why you want to sell. The “Why” totally drives the pricing of the home and the marketing plan! Then, I like for you to give me a tour of the home. I always want to know what you’ve done to the home and what you plan on doing prior to selling. I like my clients to bring something to write with so I can give tips on what improvements or tweaks you can do to the home to get it “Sale Ready”. As always, questions are encouraged at any time! The next step is back at the kitchen table, where I show you comparable homes in the area that are currently on the market or have recently sold. This will give us an idea of where you will want to price your home so it is the most competitive and accomplishes YOUR GOALS! I then like to walk you through my marketing plan and strategies. This is done together, because each home is marketed a little differently and is tailored to your home and your desires. The last thing I like to do is have you write down all of your favorite things about the home and area or at least discuss those things. Those anecdotal positives of the home and neighborhood are really what can help the next buyer fall in love with the house! I’ll then let you keep a folder with a ton of great information to help you get ready to sell your home. And again, this costs you nothing and gives you a chance to meet a friendly face and a market expert!

I hope you all have enjoyed getting to know a bit more about what a Realtor does leading up to a sale to help you have a wonderful experience in your next transaction. That is the end goal, every time: creating a great client experience.

If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller consultation, I would love to help you get educated and prepared. I can be reached at and 715-529-0239.

Until Next Time!

~ Tim Nelson | RE/MAX Affiliates | 100% Club Individual and Team

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