Time to go fishing!

Hey guys, I was thinking about two things this afternoon: What should I write my blog post about and where should I go fishing as soon as I’m done writing my blog!? I asked my co-worker, Cora, what I should write about so I could get out the door and wet a line. She said, “Fishing!” And thus, a blog was born.

As many of you know, I live in Menomonie and love the outdoors. I grew up with a pole in my hand and actually don’t even remember catching my first fish, I was that young! Hunting is probably my number one favorite hobby of all time, but fishing isn’t far behind. And leading the pack for my favorite fish to pursue has got to be trout. Followed by walleye. Luckily So, let me enlighten you on my favorite places to wet a line around Menomonie and in the Chippewa Valley as a whole. Enjoy some time outside and hopefully, if you’re lucky, you can catch enough for a fish fry in your cast iron skillet. Here is a list of my favorite spots to fish in the Chippewa Valley.

Tim with a Brown Trout of a lifetime at a location not disclosed in this blog 😉
  1. The south fork of the Hay River near Connorsville. This is a smaller stream and once you get north of Boyceville the Brook Trout fishing can be fabulous. I like to use a light action rod and wade the river. It’s not too wide or deep, and I typically fish it with a silver or gold bladed Panther Martin. This is a great place to go and catch a dinner full of feisty Brookies! But it is kind of far away from everything. I have heard that if you drive 2 miles outside of Connorsville in any direction you fall off the edge of the world, so you’ve been warned!

2. The Eau Galle River near Spring Valley. This spot can be hit or miss, but many times I’ve fished real near Handy Andy Park and done well. The earlier part of the year has treated me best (including the catch and release only portion in early spring) and I’ve caught Brown Trout here up to about 16-18 inches.

3. Lake Eau Claire for walleyes, panfish, and small mouths. So, I have a competitive advantage on Lake Eau Claire because I grew up on the lake and my dad has fished it religiously since 1988. Jigging for walleyes along the edges of the large weed beds early in the morning or late in the evening can be very good. Trolling the weed bed edges can produce success as well. You can catch some really nice small mouth bass on this lake as well and BIG muskies if you are either A: lucky or B: very good! It’s not nicknamed the Dead Sea for nothing though, so be prepared for slower action at times, especially in July and early August.

4. The Buffalo River near Osseo. If you want a workout – fish this stream. You’ll be tromping over 7 foot grasses, hurdling tag alders, and snapping off snagged lines. But it’s worth it for the fat 12 inch brookies! We almost always do well here with spinners or live bait and can consistently catch a limit of good “eaters”. There are some dandies in here too, but to get those, you have to fish consistently.

5. The Eau Claire River east of Lake Eau Claire. This is a great float with a canoe that I like to fish for muskies or small mouth bass. Crank baits or in-line spinners are my favorite baits and either trolling them in the deeper areas or casting the shorelines can yield a lot of fish! You can sometimes get walleyes also, but small mouth bass and smaller muskies are definitely plentiful! I’ve dumped my canoe in the rapids many times on this river… so tie your stuff down and be ready for a rush! I’ve also dragged my canoe through a LOT of shallow water, so be prepared for that in July and August when the water can be low.

I could go on, but it’s time for me to hit the water! Good luck to you all this year. I wish that you catch many big fish, but if you fail in that department, I wish you fun time spent with friends and family and lots of cold beers. If you see me out fishing one of my favorite spots, give me a wave and save some of the fish for me!

~ Tim Nelson | RE/MAX Affiliates | 715-529-0239

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