My Core Values

Good morning and Happy 2021 to you all! The new year is off to a busy start. In Real Estate sales, this is often the time of year where Realtors take time to review their business plans and set things in motion for the spring and summer busy seasons. This is when marketing strategies get finalized, reviews of the previous year are completed, and much self reflection and analysis are done. I’m no different. My business finished extremely strongly in 2020, and I had more fun working this past fall than I have in quite a while! As I reflected on that period of October through December, I asked myself, “What went really well during this period, and how can we continually replicate that?” So, I started writing down notes.

As many of you know, I am in the Army National Guard and I am a Combat Arms Officer. As an officer, it is my job to make the tactical plans for my unit to execute. Plans can range from complex to simple, but there is one almost universal truth: The simplest plans work out the best. They allow for not all the variables to fall in the exact right place, but still will result in success. Simple plans are easily understood, so that at every level, the desired steps and desired end-state will be achieved. This, I think, is a fantastic metaphor for running your business and life in general. So, after I boiled down all of my notes. Here are my simple core values that allow me to provide excellent customer service and a great client experience when buying or selling a home or property. Here they are:

  1. Be a nice person. In a sales and customer service role, nothing will make or break the experience for each client than being respected, treated fairly, and feeling valued. Who wants to work with a jerk? Getting the job done is important, but not at the expense of treating people rough. In almost every transaction there will be difficulties. Working with a kind, respectful person will make those difficulties seem less troublesome.
  2. Help people. Nothing is more important as a Realtor than having a spirit of helpfulness. That’s why we are hired in the first place. To use our experience and expertise to make the task of buying or selling easier for people. I always listen first, find out where people need the most help, and then get to work solving their problems or issues. We are a team and my role is the CHO – “Chief Helpfulness Officer”.
  3. Put my clients needs first. Nothing is worse in a sales career than a salesperson who is looking out for their best interest. A: people will resent you for this, and B: it will erode your business. Always, always, always, the clients needs have to truly be listened to and adhered to. This usually involves having that conversation about “What DO YOU want?” up front, right away, and then sticking to it!
  4. Be an expert. Buying or selling a home doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be, and it is stressful. That’s where a great agent comes in. I use my expertise and experience to inspire confidence, educate, and help clients make the right decision for them. This involves having an “Always learning” mentality and continually educating myself and growing my knowledge base.
  5. Be professional. Real estate transactions are big deals for all involved. They involve a lot of money. They can be emotional and stressful. I always take the “high road” and ensure that my clients will get a professional, positive experience. This also involves working well and in conjunction with mortgage lenders, other Realtors, and title companies. All these relationships matter and contribute to a positive transaction.

There you have it. I promised simple and straightforward, and I hope I delivered. These are the core values that I bring to each transaction and work tirelessly to uphold, so your buying experience is successful, positive, and FUN! If you’re looking for a Realtor in the Chippewa Valley, I would love to partner with you to help you achieve a positive result.

Until next time!

~ Tim Nelson | RE/MAX Affiliates | 715-529-0239 |

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