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Everyone knows what a Real Estate Agent does… helps people buy or sell real estate. Each agent does things differently, but the final product is pretty much the same – a property sold, a property bought. So, instead of telling you what I do, I want to change things up a bit. I want to tell you why I am a Real Estate Agent. I’ll answer that question below, but I’ll break it down into four “sub-questions”.

If you’ve made it this far, great! I am so passionate about Real Estate and helping my clients. I’m looking forward to sharing my story with you.

Q: How did I decide to become a Real Estate Agent?

A: I have a long answer, but I will give you the Reader’s Digest version. Before I was an Agent, I was a Real Estate investor and Landlord. I bought a college rental property in Menomonie, WI when I graduated college and then joined the Army. While in the active duty Army, I continued to buy rental properties in Menomonie and Kansas and realized that Real Estate was the best way to grow long lasting wealth and Real Estate truly made me happy. I fulfilled my active duty Army contract and joined the Army National Guard in order to pursue my dreams of being a Real Estate professional. While buying rental properties, I was exposed to many Real Estate Agents, and most of them were great. I realized how much they helped people, how instrumental they had been in my life, and how much of a positive impact they were capable of having on a community. I decided I wanted to help people in the way I had been helped, and put my extensive Real Estate experience and knowledge to work for my clients. I have never looked back. I still get so excited for my clients at each successful closing!

Q: What does being a Real Estate Agent mean to me?

A: Being a Real Estate Agent means that I get to help people through the most meaningful purchase and sale of their entire lives. Still today, owning a home or buying land is many Americans top goal for a happy, successful life. By being a GREAT Agent, I get to take that big, complex, intimidating transaction and reduce their stress, diminish their fears, and make the process fun! I get to help people achieve results in each Real Estate transaction that they could not have achieved on their own. I truly appreciate the tremendous responsibility and opportunity to be my client’s confidant, mentor, counselor, adviser, and friend. Real estate is about the houses, yes, but really it’s about YOU and what’s going on in YOUR life. I take the responsibility and burden of both Selling and Buying real estate seriously and it’s my goal to always strive for YOUR desired outcome.

Q: Why should you trust me?

A: Like many sales careers, Real Estate Agents sometimes get a “bad rap”. And just like other careers, it all comes down to the individual. I learned honor and integrity from an early age, when my parents instilled it in me, and “doing a good turn daily” was preached to me in Boy Scouts. I lived and continue to live the Army Values, which include Loyalty, Respect, Integrity, Honor, and Selfless Service. I implement those values not only into my Real Estate Career, but my marriage and my relationships. When you entrust me with the largest transaction of your life, I consider it the highest honor you can give bestow upon me. Working tirelessly to produce YOUR desired results in each transaction in an ethical, moral, and legal manner is second to none. Additionally, I am constantly improving myself to be the best Real Estate Professional for YOU through Continuing Education, personal development, attending seminars, and involvement in professional organizations.

Q: What do I hope to accomplish in my career?

A: Through my career, I want to develop a culture and reputation for excellence, competence, and friendship. I want you to be my friend after we have sold your home or you have bought a new property. I want no client left behind, none too small, and none forgotten. I will always have time for a phone call when you’re looking for Real Estate advice or just want to say “Hello”. I want you to say to your friends, “Use Tim to sell or buy your home. He treated us with respect and worked so hard for us. We had the best experience ever with him as our Realtor!” I want to send you Christmas cards and receive yours. I want your kids to come to me to buy their first house when they get married. I want to help you through that difficult time when you have to sell the home you grew up in. I want to make a positive difference in the Chippewa Valley and our communities by honestly and ethically building a business that helps every Buyer and Seller achieve maximum results! I want you to stand in your driveway, look up at your beautiful home with warm memories in your heart and say, “Thank you, Tim. For everything.”

I hope by reading this, you’ve learned a bit about me, both as a Real Estate Agent and as a person. You matter to me, and being the best Real Estate Agent for YOU is my number one goal. At some point in your life you may be looking for a Realtor. When that time comes, please give me a call. I’m always open and I’m looking forward to saying, “How can I help?”

-Tim Nelson, RE/MAX Affiliates

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